My Didi massi is great. That’s not her actual name, but just what I call her. Didi is her nickname, which means sister, and massi is the word used for your aunt on your mother’s side. She manages an entire household, plays cards for 4 hours a day, and is one of the best fake money poker players in the world. Pokerstars has ranked her #3 globally, as she has amassed over 7 million play chips.

In addition she manages to take care of us pretty well.

Today was a holiday, but it really wasn’t a holiday. She explained it to me but it’s way too complicated for this b-log. She hasn’t allowed me to eat chicken, eggs, or any meat for that matter since we got here, which has lead to me losing 15 lbs, having massive diarrhea, as well as heart palpitations and gonorrhea. The doctor tried to tell me that the gonorrhea was not from the lack of chicken, but he knows jack shit.

So I’m a little hazy on the details, but it involved gods, Michael Cera, and an event in history where good defeats evil. On this holiday, you are supposed to feed young children as well as give them a little money. Most of these children are the children of the servants and drivers in the area, so they are not slum kids or anything. So she cooked breakfast, got some coins, and we went to the local temple.

Didi massi

Didi massi

She is a modern day Mother Theresa.

Here is Josh with his indian head stamp of authentication.


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