Go-Pinder Go-Pinder Go

After three days of living in the hills, Dharamsala/Mcleod  Ganj, I achieved spiritual vertigo. What takes the Dali Lama years to attain took me roughly 30 minutes of meditation. Being among the spiritually elite/sages is indescribable. I feel great.

Hiking in the Hills

Hiking in the Hills

Sahaja Yoga, the most cutting edge spiritual tool since Matisyahu’s new album. Well-practiced in Northern India, Sahaja Yoga is based around self-realization as the starting point of spiritual accent. The way I experienced it was having my head caressed by an old leathery man while we recited submission phrases to a dead ladys picture and starred into her tikka (red dot) for a half hour. It was amazing, you should all indulge.

During our trip we stayed in a luxury resort … comparatively to the alternative options in Dharamsala. Club Mahindra Resort – Dharmashala is basically a Red Roof Inn with exceptional staffing; featuring this one genius of man whose name apparently was Buhupinder. For some reason upon our arrival his name was construed into Gopinder. Naturally Go-Pinder stuck, Arvil and I never failed to remind him that we had no idea what his real name was.

Pictured below, Go-Pinder kinda looks like a weasel-rat faced 30 year old pedophile … speculation. Initially after Go-Pinder took away our Ping Pong privileges Arvil and I grew to dislike this pint sized parasite, but just as intestinal parasites use your body as a host and lay eggs in your stomach, eventually you grow attached to them.

Go-Pinder directing bingo night

Go-Pinder directing bingo night

After sifting through thousands of hours of footage and pulling an all-nighter in the editing room I was able to produce a documentary that would put Al Gores An Inconvenient Truth to shame. Not only is Go-Pinder the key to reversing Global Warming but his voice is so powerful that it is capable of making the Bruces tear.

At the 1:04 mark you experience G0-Pinders rendition of a hindi love ballad.

After our second day at the Club Mahindra Resort Go-Pinder became a household name in our artillery of G-ds we routinely praise, quickly climbing the rankings with his patented clap and energetic dancing. During karaoke night Go-Pinder started things off with a Hindi love ballad, proving once again to the world that he is the song bird of our generation. His pitch control, tone quality and knack for melting hearts instill fear in every future American Idol contestant. My knees were weak even before he sang the first chorus and Arvil and I are pretty sure that he ghostwrites for Bruce Springsteen.

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