Theseguysblog feature: Bananas


At the young age of 4 years old, Jeet Sodhi knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Bananas. He loved bananas. He loved them whether they were green and not quite ripe, whether they had those little black dots everywhere, and even when they were mushy and disgusting. He would grow this love for bananas into a multi billion dollar business.

When he was young, his father wanted him to become a doctor. But Jeet knew deep down in his heart, he could do nothing but bananas. He knew it was his destiny to sell.

Even though he is now a billionaire, you can still see him working the cart in Amritsar.

Jeet once ate 338 bananas in a single day. The next day he was blessed with projectile diarrhea.

Jeet once sold 11,000 bananas in a single hour. He proceeded to use the money to purchase an umbrella for his banana cart, which you can see above.

Jeet has twice been married both to pudgy oriental women who very much resemble mushy bananas.

Five years ago Jeet had a vasectomy in hopes that he could American Pie his merchandise with without leaving any evidence … clearly Jeet doesn’t understand what vasectomies actually do.

Jeet is not related to monkeys but gets along with them well.

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