Unfortunate turn of events destroys future travels

Well for now, that will be it. Josh has gone back to the USA, and I will most likely leave in the next weeks. What started as an exciting trip ends abruptly and unexpectedly.

We hope you enjoyed our writing. In summary, India is funny in more than one way, Michael Cera is a god, and we both will most likely never outgrow an obsession with diarrhea, even though that in itself is not funny, even in India. Also, the mustache has been proven to up one’s IQ by 100 points, while also increasing girth and stamina.

One response to “Unfortunate turn of events destroys future travels

  1. Thank you Arvil and Joshua for letting a humble servant like me share in on your wonderous experience in India. I wish you two the best of luck with your future mustachios.

    I am in the process of obtaining a visa and hopefully I will soon be joining the both of you in America, where I will be able to continue serving you for the rest of my years. My friend G0-pinder has already obtained the necessary paperwork and the two of us along with Arundhati will hopefully be able to work for you guys without any monetary compensation.



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