Alright, let’s be honest, nobody likes transvestites, or their scientific name, tranny’s. Homosexuals are starting to flamboyantly edge their way into acceptability, but tranny’s are not even close. They are confusing creatures, and should be placed next to centaurs in the mythological dictionary for shit we don’t understand.

You would think that in a place like India, where homosexuality is generally something kept under public radar, that tranny’s would be looked down upon. Well they are, but have managed to find their own little money grubbing niche within society.

Begging is an industry in itself within India, with the potential to make big bucks. Tranny’s take it to a new level. They bring an asshole attitude to the business, and these modern day madoff’s are taking their skills all the way to the bank.

At worst, their methods are genius, at best, legendary. They make their money through “blessings,” or as they call it in their world, “bullshit.” They frequent red lights stops, trains, and bazaars, where they will come over to you, touch your ahead, mumble a few words of tranny gibberish, and then demand payment for these blessings. If you refuse, you will be cursed. Saavy businessman i tell ya. The business model was later adopted by warren buffett and used in the trade of junk bonds.

Always traveling in groups, the best way to avoid these people is to avoid eye contact. Any glimpse of their manliness will no doubtedly lead to blessings, and if you refuse to pay, it could get ugly. They will harass you, throw their nastiness in your face, and possibly grope you. I made that last part up, but it could happen.

One response to “T-Rannys

  1. Hey great article and better advice. Also watch out for Trannys in the Stamford, CT Amtrak station. Tranny’s are known to commute into NYC from there.

    I tried subscribing to your blog and the RSS was giving me a hard time. Is it me or you?

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