TGB back at it again – 2016 reboot.

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These guys blog (TGB) recently raised a $11 million dollar series A from a handful of Boston area investors.

It has been reported that the lead investor was an unnamed former Digicomplex executive. (Digicomplex was a Framingham, Mass-based early player in the SaaS analytics scene. They sold to Microsoft before the dot-com bubble crash in ’99 for $10 billion).

Cofounder of TGB Josh has stated that the money will be used to fund new trips to India and other dysentery-ridden countries in addition to the hiring of 18,000 mustachioed Bangalorenas.


Rithlal: Last time we checked in on Rithlal he was waiting hand and foot on the Dehli-based Nagpal family 24/7…literally 24 hour days with no breaks. The man hasn’t seen his immediate family in a half decade. That said, he’s remains in great spirits, continues to meticulously groom his soup strainer and has maintained a top 10 ranking in India’s sexiest man alive contest as voted on by the editors of TGB.

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Sanjay: Sanjay enjoyed a brief stint as an Uber driver making a salary 150x more than he earned previously as TGB’s personal driver. He’s since retired from driving and has become somewhat of a sex symbol in the eastern Gujarati region thanks to his provocative shirt-less Instagram account. He leverages his 40+ million Instagram followers to sell sponsored posts. Sanjay has worked with global brands BMW and Hugo Boss. Their sales have grown shareholder wealth to new heights thanks to partnering with Sanjay.

Josh and Arvil’s bowel movements: Although they’ve adopted more American diets since their trip to India, they still frequently have messy, messy wipes and have failed to go more than a week straight without experiencing liquid diarrhea*.

The state of mustaches in India: Mustaches have never been stronger. Look for 2016 to smash market expectations for all mouth merkin related paraphernalia.

Merch (pronounced Murr-ch, as in merchandise): These guys blog will be launching an e-commerce store in early spring 2016. Look out for TGB branded ‘stache combs, post-meal binders and shirt-less Sanjay fathead wall decals.

Question of the day: What do you love most about Rithlal?

Answer in the comments below.

*definition of diarrhea: a condition in which feces are discharged from the bowels frequently and in a liquid form.

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