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TGB back at it again – 2016 reboot.

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These guys blog (TGB) recently raised a $11 million dollar series A from a handful of Boston area investors.

It has been reported that the lead investor was an unnamed former Digicomplex executive. (Digicomplex was a Framingham, Mass-based early player in the SaaS analytics scene. They sold to Microsoft before the dot-com bubble crash in ’99 for $10 billion).

Cofounder of TGB Josh has stated that the money will be used to fund new trips to India and other dysentery-ridden countries in addition to the hiring of 18,000 mustachioed Bangalorenas.


Rithlal: Last time we checked in on Rithlal he was waiting hand and foot on the Dehli-based Nagpal family 24/7…literally 24 hour days with no breaks. The man hasn’t seen his immediate family in a half decade. That said, he’s remains in great spirits, continues to meticulously groom his soup strainer and has maintained a top 10 ranking in India’s sexiest man alive contest as voted on by the editors of TGB.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 7.33.02 PM.png

Sanjay: Sanjay enjoyed a brief stint as an Uber driver making a salary 150x more than he earned previously as TGB’s personal driver. He’s since retired from driving and has become somewhat of a sex symbol in the eastern Gujarati region thanks to his provocative shirt-less Instagram account. He leverages his 40+ million Instagram followers to sell sponsored posts. Sanjay has worked with global brands BMW and Hugo Boss. Their sales have grown shareholder wealth to new heights thanks to partnering with Sanjay.

Josh and Arvil’s bowel movements: Although they’ve adopted more American diets since their trip to India, they still frequently have messy, messy wipes and have failed to go more than a week straight without experiencing liquid diarrhea*.

The state of mustaches in India: Mustaches have never been stronger. Look for 2016 to smash market expectations for all mouth merkin related paraphernalia.

Merch (pronounced Murr-ch, as in merchandise): These guys blog will be launching an e-commerce store in early spring 2016. Look out for TGB branded ‘stache combs, post-meal binders and shirt-less Sanjay fathead wall decals.

Question of the day: What do you love most about Rithlal?

Answer in the comments below.

*definition of diarrhea: a condition in which feces are discharged from the bowels frequently and in a liquid form.

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Alright, let’s be honest, nobody likes transvestites, or their scientific name, tranny’s. Homosexuals are starting to flamboyantly edge their way into acceptability, but tranny’s are not even close. They are confusing creatures, and should be placed next to centaurs in the mythological dictionary for shit we don’t understand.

You would think that in a place like India, where homosexuality is generally something kept under public radar, that tranny’s would be looked down upon. Well they are, but have managed to find their own little money grubbing niche within society.

Begging is an industry in itself within India, with the potential to make big bucks. Tranny’s take it to a new level. They bring an asshole attitude to the business, and these modern day madoff’s are taking their skills all the way to the bank.

At worst, their methods are genius, at best, legendary. They make their money through “blessings,” or as they call it in their world, “bullshit.” They frequent red lights stops, trains, and bazaars, where they will come over to you, touch your ahead, mumble a few words of tranny gibberish, and then demand payment for these blessings. If you refuse, you will be cursed. Saavy businessman i tell ya. The business model was later adopted by warren buffett and used in the trade of junk bonds.

Always traveling in groups, the best way to avoid these people is to avoid eye contact. Any glimpse of their manliness will no doubtedly lead to blessings, and if you refuse to pay, it could get ugly. They will harass you, throw their nastiness in your face, and possibly grope you. I made that last part up, but it could happen.

Breaking Down R. Kelly’s The Zoo

R. Kelly’s ode to the only exciting part of watching national geographic.


I wanna see (your body)
I wanna feel (your body)
I wanna touch (your body)
I wanna kiss (your body)
I wanna freak (your body)
Wanna sex
It’s nothing like (your body)
(Your body)

In the intro, R. Kelly’s intentions are vague. He is a complex individual with complex emotions. I personally believe that this first part is a reference to the identity issues that he experienced as a child growing up in a mixed race household.

[Verse 1]
It’s like a jungle atmosphere
And we’re two monkeys baby
It’s like we’re on a vine
The way we’re swinging it baby
See, you’re a tiger girl
The way you’re scratching me
I’m a lion
In this jungle I’m a king
Girl, I got you so wet
It’s like a rain forest
Like Jurassic Park
Except I’m your sex-a-saurus baby
You and me hopping
Like two kangaroos
Rattling and moaning
Out here in these woods

In Verse 1, R. Kelly demonstrates his love for archaeology, referencing the rare and little-understood sex-a-saurus.

[B-section 1]
Ooo ooo ooo ooo
Aaa aaa aaa aaa
Those are the sounds I wanna hear
When you’re moaning in my ear
Girl you’re singing to me
Ooo ooo ooo ooo
Aaa aaa aaa aaa
You got me locked up in your cage of ecstasy
And I don’t wanna be free cause it’s

[Chorus 1]
Wild like a zoo
And that’s the way I like it baby
Crazy me and you
Making love like we was just two heated animals
Baby come and lay with me in my jungle

In a later interview, R. Kelly reveals that the reference to the “jungle” was literal, as his trimmer broke recently because of the aforementioned “rattling and moaning.”

[Verse 2]
Ooo, I swear I’m about to go
Turn your body around and beat the skins like it’s a bongo
A thousand birds up out the tree
Girl, like a swarm of bees
That is how it’s gonna be
Climaxing you and me
Touch the root of your soul
Let Mother Nature take control
Over us is rain and leaves
So come on girl
Let’s plant these seeds, yeah

R. Kelly enjoys nothing more than excitement and lust of bee sex.

[B-section 2]
Ooo ooo ooo ooo
Aaa aaa aaa aaa
Baby, those are the sounds I wanna hear
When you’re moaning in my ear

Ooo ooo ooo ooo
Aaa aaa aaa aaa
(Oh yeah)
You got me locked up in your cage of ecstasy
And I don’t wanna be free cause it’s

[Chorus 2]
Wild like a zoo
And that’s the way I like it baby
Crazy me and you
Making love like we was just two heated animals
Baby won’t you come and lay in my jungle

Zoo’s are wild. There truly is nothing crazier than human-dependent animals locked up in cages within the confines of a major urban city.

Ya’ll don’t understand
Like two cheetahs running free
African butterfly to me
You’re my safari fantasy
Girl this is heaven to me
Baby we are like coconut and banana trees
(It’s a tropical)
Tropical chemistry
Like the wild life
I’m doing you baby
(I’m doing you baby)
You’re doing me baby
(You’re doing me baby)
It’s you and me
(It’s you and me)
Going wild

R. Kelly has his phd from Harvard in tropical chemistry, having coauthored many papers with the great mathematician Rithlal on the sexual patterns of butterflies.

[Chorus 3]
Wild like a zoo
And that’s the way (Oh baby) I like it baby
Crazy me and you
Making love like we was just two heated animals
So baby come and lay with me in my jungle

(I don’t wanna break free ’cause this is)
Wild like a zoo
Just the way I like it baby
Crazy me and you
Making love like we was just two heated animals
Girl come and lay with me in my (lay with me) jungle

(Girl I like it cause it’s)
Wild like a zoo (Wild like a zoo)
Crazy me and you (Crazy me and you, Yeah)
Heated animals (Heated animals)
Girl come and lay with me in my jungle

In a word; genius. His realistic analogies to the animal world have captured the hearts and minds of millions. Disney has already signed him to a movie deal, as The Zoo will be the subject of its next feature film, The Princess and the Frog Moving Like We Was Just Two Heated Animals.

Unfortunate turn of events destroys future travels

Well for now, that will be it. Josh has gone back to the USA, and I will most likely leave in the next weeks. What started as an exciting trip ends abruptly and unexpectedly.

We hope you enjoyed our writing. In summary, India is funny in more than one way, Michael Cera is a god, and we both will most likely never outgrow an obsession with diarrhea, even though that in itself is not funny, even in India. Also, the mustache has been proven to up one’s IQ by 100 points, while also increasing girth and stamina.

Operation Blue Star

At the beginning of every frisbee session, we warm up, throw a little bit, and then split into teams. I had forget to teach these kids the most essential aspect of the sport: team names. Josh and I are the captains, my guys choose to be called the “Buckets”, because I have a bucket on my shirt.

Josh tries to advocate for his team to be called “Gulab Jamun”, an Indian dessert that he’s obsessed with. The kids weren’t having it. They all synonymously choose to be called team Blue Star, and we both didn’t really think too much of it.

In the late 1970’s, a man by the name of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was gaining power in the state of Punjab (where my family is from). He had long been a missionary for Sikhism, advocating for people to rid themselves of alcohol, drugs, and other vices. As his popularity grew within Punjab, his thirst for power grew as well. He attempted to gain power legitimately through formal elections, but when he failed, he became increasingly militant.

He began assassinating  those who opposed him while terrorizing the citizens of Punjab. He was so powerful within the state that there was little recourse. He continued to amass weapons, and took shelter at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, the holiest temple in the Sikh religion.

Operation Blue Star took place on June 3, 1984, as Prime Minister Indira Gandhi ordered the Indian military to storm the Golden Temple and remove the separatists. The operation was succesful, Bhindranwale was killed, but because the operation was held on a Sikh religious holiday, many of the civilians who were trapped inside were also killed.

While it was successful, Sikhs around India considered the entry of military personnel into the Golden Temple to be sacrilegious and a desecration of the holy site. Sikhs within government resigned their positions and gave up their government awards.

A few months later, on Halloween of that same year, Indira Gandhi was assassinated by two of her Sikh body guards. Rioting in the streets resulted, as Hindus massacred Sikhs, especially within Delhi. Shops were ransacked, houses burned to the ground, and many were killed. The first places targeted were the gurdwaras, Sikh religious sites, to prevent them from collecting there and mounting a defense. Some have alleged that the ruling party supplied voting lists to identify Sikh citizens and businesses, and hence were complacent with the killings.

So maybe the kids think military operations are cool, or maybe they are Hindus and don’t really care for the Sikhs, I’m not really sure. All I know is that Buckets won and Blue Star lost, and that sort of religious tension and animosity is irrelevant on the field.

Frisbee Session #2

About 10 or 11 kids showed up this past Sunday, with all of them failing to bring water. Josh and I brought a little bit, but it didn’t last long as the kids were running hard.

I’ve been a bit hesitant in terms of how much teaching I should do. I don’t want them to feel as if they are coming just to hear me talk, so for the most part we just play.

We discussed what a travel was (when you move while holding the frisbee) and some of the kids are starting to call it. They call more travels than they stall count (is you are unsure of what stall counts are then you must be a complete loser). Some kids try harder than others. One kid doesn’t believe in defense, and usually just cherry picks the endzone so he can catch the score. He also loves calling travels. He weighs roughly 60 pounds is around 16 years old. I am unsure of whether this kid will ever hit puberty.

3-4 kids showed up that had never played before, so at the beginning of our “frisbee class” as they like to call it, we did names and they all said their favorite hobby. One kid is apparently a poker player millionaire, a lot of kids said they liked cricket, and then we got to Sahil, by far the best of the bunch.

“Hello my name is Sahil, I used to like cricket, but now I like frisbee.”

Either its the game, or I’m a god damn genius. One cricketer at a time, I will eventually convert them all.

Theseguysblog CHALLENGE

Theseguysblog ChallengeHit up Connaught place with a 100 rupee note in hand and come home with the following four DVD’s:

  • Surrogates – B-Weasy acts the shit out of this movie, one of his finest films. The premise revolves around the idea that Bruce buys a bunch of robotic replicas of Bruce … meaning quadruple the Bruces.

  • Land of the Lost – Most people hate Will Ferrell based on the fact that they think too many people like Will Ferrell. Those people are idiots; his shitty movies are guaranteed for 12 giggles at a minimum.
    • Life is all about giggles, if I don’t get my fix of at least 50 giggles a day I become a dangerous man.
  • Year One – This movie is sure to further feed my sick sick addition with Michael Cera.
  • The Hurt Locker – Arguably the only legitimate movie I was in the market for.

After filtering through hundreds of pirated American DVD’s I could only find two out of the four. My half ass attempts at lowballing these dirtbags, at a fraction of the market price, were failures forcing me to move on. Before I knew it, close to two hours had gone by and my goal was far from achieved.

My patience was running thin but after thinking of how I would feel post-Michael Cera film, I gathered the motivation to dig down deep into my energy reserves. The pickings were slim seeing as we had visited nearly all of stores, but out of nowhere this one fellow caught my attention. We made eye contact and he spewed out broken English offering me games, DVD’s and CD’s.

The merchant motioned for me to follow him to his co-workers store (all these dudes work in cahoots each managing a couple different shops). I followed the merchant to his other store but as soon as the other owner saw my face I could tell something had gone wrong. I was told to leave.

My luck had run out, with my recently shaved head and unchanged white skin, I was easily remembered as the skinheaded, sleaze-bagging low baller. I somehow managed to get blacklisted from the underground pirated movie hub. I mean that’s talent people, to out slime the skeezies shows some serious tenacity and balls, half you jokers out there couldn’t do what I did.

Through association Arvil was blacklisted but that also might have been attributed to the fact that he low bagged this one dude so badly that even me, the king of the low ballin’ scumbags was surprised by his offer.

Twelve DVD’s for 300 rupees, Arvil pulled an offensive, spinless yet ballsy move and I have to respect him for it.

Although no DVD’s were purchased Arvil did buy:

Rolex – 100 rps – originally: 250 rps.

Shantanaram (novel) – 200 rps – originally:  700 rps.

A strawberry milkshake with whipcream toppings – 80 rps.

Right before he chuggled the shake, Arvil said in a high pitched voice while limping his wrists:

“I am such a bad boy, I shouldn’t”