TGB Interns

Dear future Theseguysblog Global Correspondents/Interns,

Since our inception has been bombarded with emails from eager readers aspiring to contribute to our well-known blog, The Darjeeling Unlimited.

Seeing as we have yet to employ interns, we have decided that doing so would be not only beneficial to our blog but this opportunity would serve as a great resume builder/real-life job experience for those who are currently in school or are unemployed.

Why do the work yourself when someone else can do it for you?

Along with data entry, excel formatting and paper shredding, these interns will occasionally contribute to our blog via newsworthy clips from overseas. Their content will not necessarily have ties to India but they will keep our readers informed on current issues from around the world.

If you are a loyal fan who is interested in contributing to The Darjeeling Unlimited: Global Correspondents page, please email us at:


Chairman of the joint chiefs

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