Important People Directory

We live at E16 second floor Geetanjali Enclave, New Delhi at Anil uncle and Didi massi’s house.

The list below serves as a reference of people who we live with and/or encounter everyday.

Didi massi: Arvil’s aunt – She guides us through life and is a wealth of knowledge. She plays cards four hours everyday but when she not winning chicken dinners shes accumulating millions of play chips on

Anil uncle: Arvil’s uncle/Husband to Didi Massi – This man knows not the meaning of working the 9-5. Anil Uncle has been toughing out fourteen hour days, six days a week for the past 10 months and is in the process of building the finest medical hospital in the world.

Rithlal: Servant, companion and mathematical savant, this man is a triple threat. Without Rithlal I’d have to heat up roti by myself and fetch my own glass of water.


  • People Magazines sexiest man of the year 2006-2009
  • Runs mile in under 3:00 minutes
  • Scratch Golfer
  • .01% body fat
  • Smile that melts hearts

Sanjay: Our driver – Without breaking a sweat, his mustache can maneuver 18 wheelers throughout the crowded streets of Delhi.

Raju mama: Arvil’s other uncle/Didi massi’s brother. Owner of a Dental school, gas station and gun shop. He is a business man at heart.

  • Has seven servants at his disposal including the most celebrated servant in Delhi, Sethpaul

Anu mami: Raju mama’s wife

Michael Cera: Many know of him as the greatest actor of all-time but I’d like to think that Michael is more than just a great actor but a great person.

Arvil: The highest paid boutique blogger on the web, the kid pumps out quality not quantity. His Ultimate frisbee skills are unparalleled and many compare his work ethic to that of Stalins. His skills are indispensable, as his poor Hindi gets them through many a rickshaw ride. When he is not finding excuses to look for a job, he enjoys constantly catching up to the accomplishments of his 15 yr old sister.

Josh: Once you shake off his dashing good looks and old school charm you realize that underneath his 160 lbs of muscles and gorgeous beard, there is a savvy young entrepreneurial gentleman with endless potential. In his spare time Josh enjoys whispering, volunteering as the constant in laboratory experiments and training with Phil Kessel. He also admits that ice hockey is for little girls, and that field hockey is where it’s at.

One response to “Important People Directory

  1. Thank you for the super necessary refresher on the Credits of the Darjeeling unlimited 🙂

    ps: I love the sarcasm in your posts 😉

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