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Fashion in India

The choice of clothing here in India is quite remarkable although most Americans would be in agreement that it is far from practical. According to weather.com the average temperature this month in New Delhi is 93 degrees, if this were the case in Boston I’d be wearing a lax jersey, free-balling mesh shorts, and rocking some Tims. In Delhi the common man deems jeans and a button down business shirt appropriate even when outside is near dessert temp. Shorts are a rarity here so much so that when we went to go play Frisbee with Kaku (Arvil’s cousin) he changed from his short sleeve shirt into a long sleeve button down and chose to stay in his jeans.

Everyone is sporting the long and long - it was 99 degrees

Everyone is sporting the long and long - it was 99 degrees

Another fad that is popular in the Delhi streets is wearing imitation designer shirts and pants, it doesn’t matter whether you are working a construction gig or the corner fruit stand, chances are you are probably rocking a fake diamond studded shirt overflowing with snakes wrapped around a skull or a heart … or whatever other helpless graphics are printed on Ed Hardy shirts. Just like at an ego filled guido-esq bar, Ed hardy is everywhere, including this one particular shirt that reads “Born in the streets” and Affliction shirts which read “Afflication”.

Take a look at these designer imitations for example.

I don’t know who was in charge of designing these euro trash jeans but for some reason they thought that placing the gold wash on the upper butt and on the back thighs would be a genius idea. If one were to wear this at a bar in Framingham (ie. Pepperonchinis) they would be shunned, but for some unfathomable reason this kid probably has friends that look up to him solely for his jeans.