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“I am Rithlal, hear me roar!”

Dear viewers,

It looks like Christmas came early. Rithlal is ready for the public, but is the public ready for Rithlal?

The first time I laid eyes on this man I was blinded by his ‘stache, but behind that beautiful patch of hair is an obedient telekinetic house servant. The man cleans dishes with 110% intensity, he cooks better than that rat from ratatouille and his thighs are complete trunks. Rithlal has been known to run 3 minute miles and routinely golf’s at a -8 handicap.

His looks could kill … and in fact they have. Three women were hospitalized last month due to dehydration and starvation, they couldn’t take their eyes off this beautiful medusa and they ultimately paid the price.

Rithlal stands at a modest 5’5, 52.2 kg (roughly a buck 15), if one didn’t know any better they might mistake him for a malnourished house servant, but Rithlal has .01% body fat and his enormous quads make him immovable. Rithlal is not a violent man by any means but he has been known to protect those that he cares for, recently killing a baker’s dozen LA Bloods.

As far as I know Rithlal is single, making him the most eligible bachelor in all of India and the world, recently edging out Michael Cera for Peoples sexiest man alive – 2009. Rithlal has the highest concentrated seed and only gives birth to males.

Stare at your own risk.

Don’t spend it all in one place.


Rithlal on the job

Rithlal on the job

Diligent son of a gun

Diligent son of a gun