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Terrorism in India

Security is a much bigger concern here than it is in America. It’s a practical matter rather than a theoretical one. What I mean is that the presence of terrorism and such is much more real here, where as in America, the threat is much more a perception than anything. In terms of living one’s life on a daily basis, there isn’t really any intrusion caused by terrorism besides a long line at airports.

In India, there are constant reminders. I hope Marcy (Josh’s mom) doesn’t read this, because it will probably scare the bejesus out of her. In every mall, at least the sort of upscale, air conditioned ones that we have been to, you are required to go through a metal detector and be patted down. If you are parking your car in the mall garage, you car is briefly searched before you can enter. Terrorist often target locations associated with the West, whether it be these upscale malls with lots of western stores, or someplace like GK1, which has a lot of restaurants, pubs, and clubs, which they bombed last year.

We are lucky that Geetanjali Enclave (where we live) has some of the best security in Delhi. There are always security guards on high alert. Any by high alert, I mean sleeping. There are gates with guards there, but usually their only purpose is to open the gate for cars. Anyone can enter.

There is also this asshole with a whistle. From about midnight to whenever, his sole job is to roam the streets, blowing a whistle. Apparently he does this so that “we know he is there” just in case we need help, or if we are under attack, there is a nearby whistle. He reportedly makes millions doing this, and Michael Cera just signed a deal to star in a movie telling a story about the rise to supremacy of the whistle blower.