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Sanjay Uncensored – The life of a Delhi driver

For those of you who are new to this blog (500 new readers as of yesterday) I would like to re-introduce to you our driver, Sanjay – at the end of this post is a recap of a day in the life of Sanjay if you are interested.

The heart of Delhi (his counterpart Rithlal is the soul), standing at 5’5, 125 lbs, Sanjay is the proud owner of a well respected ‘stache and a hands free cellphone not to mention he handles the road like Dale Earnhart … Jr.

Before he took Arvil and I around to the Delhi tourist spots today we indulged in a bit of a photo shoot. Usually pictures of this high quality are sought after by such publications as Vanity Fair, The NewYork Times and the Jewish Advocate but of course once again theseguysblog.wordpress.com did not sell out and we were able to provide you with Sanjay photos first.

Additionally, free of charge, I will be providing you with live footage of the Sanjay himself operating a luxury Toyota Corolla.

Sanjay equipped with vehicle

Sanjay equipped with vehicle ... Oh Sanjay, don't worry that grin is not creepy at all!

Sanjay's signature "Blue Steel"

Sanjay's signature "Blue Steel"

Very nice haircut Sanjay!

Wearing the hands free ear piece

2008 Americas Next Top Model runner-up

2008 Americas Next Top Model runner-up

The first ever footage of Sanjay hard at work…enjoy.

Sanjay Schedule

8 am – wake up

8:30 am – Style the ‘stache

9 am – Take uncle to work

9:15 am to 8 pm – absolute jack shit. Sit outside uncle’s office while he is at work. Talk with other drivers. Talk with little kids. Talk with anyone who will entertain him. Take a nap.

8:30 – drop uncle off at home.


With every view of this blog post a 100 rupees will be donated to an Indian charity organization that serves as mustache missionaries – spreading mustache awareness.